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25+ Years of Marketing Experience

RememberMePets is comprised of members of Designs Group, LLC based out of Marion, IN.  Our business is graphic design and marketing for clients throughout the midwest.  With RememberMePets we have coupled our love for pets and marketing....


What is the story behind FUR?

Shelter Marketing

Veterinarian Marketing

PetOwner Gifts

Our Pets are Truly Family Members!

“You'll never walk alone because I will always be with you.”

Love, your FUR

RememberMePets Office Meeting

Our kids come to the office every day.  Here we are having an office meeting.  

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We are currently developing our concept and our website but hope you will leave us thoughts and ideas so we can make it everything we believe it can be.  Please click on the button below to learn more and see some of our products.  Then fill out our contact form and let us know who you are what you would like to see that will help you out today and the days to come!  

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