Explore the Wonderful World of Pets

True Family Members


“You'll never walk alone because I will always be with you.”

– Love, Your Dog

Who is RememberMePets?

Animal Shelter Marketing

As a general marketing firm for over twenty years we now want to specialize to help people find the perfect family member.


Veterinarian Marketing

We provide Vet marketing as well as patient gifts and cards.


Pet Owner Education and Gifts

We want to educate current and future pet owners on the joys of bringing a loved one, in the form of a pet, into the family.


Charitable Giving

RememberMePets gives a percentage of net income to animal charities every year.  While we are new, the owners personally donate to animal shelters every year.  

RememberMePets Office Meeting

Our kids come to the office every day.  Here we are having an office meeting.  

Upcoming Tours & Destination

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