We are RememberMePets

As I write this text in my office I am surrounded by one of my "kids" and one of my partner's.  I feel so lucky that Dawn and I feel the same about having them come to work with us!  From delivery people to our clients, so many people love to come in just to say "Hi" to them on a daily basis!


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Dawn, John and Tiffany

The RMP Team

Why Choose Us

  • We Believe

    We believe in the loving bond between a human and their pet.  We believe this will only occur if it is wanted by the person so it is our mission to educate people to the benefits of having a loving pet in their family.  

  • We Walk the Walk

    We have pets at home and we bring them to the office.  They are with us 24 x 7 and believe they are truly part of our families.  

  • Too Many Years in Marketing and Business

    If you run a shelter you don't have time and probably not the experience to run an effective marketing campaign.  We believe 80% of your time should be spent marketing your shelter.  We can help by providing you with unique, professionally created marketing pieces to make your shelter shine!

Let's Not Forget
Our Helpers


Our Team

This is our initial team.  All Marketing vetarans with Designs Group, LLC in Marion, IN. 

Dawn Darga is the designer extraordinaire, owner of Designs Group and partner in RememberMePets.  

John Toennies does video and website work for Designs Group, takes care of accounting and business items and is also a partner in RememberMePets.

Tiffany Taylor is our Ace in the Hole!  Very talented designer and able to do just about anything she is asked to do!  Not yet a partner but has incredible potential!

Let's Not Forget
Our Helpers


Dawn Darga

30 Years Experience in Marketing

Holding Court

John Toennies (10Yes)

15 Years Experience in Marketing
40 Years Experience in Business
Holding a Staff Meeting Above

Tiffany Taylor

5 Years Experience in Marketing

Let's Talk About Pets

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118 E 4th Street Marion, IN 46952