John Toennies


Partner and Pet Lover

I am a native of Wisconsin and moved to Indiana in 2000. Growing up, dogs and cats were mere ‘animals’ that lived within our house and eventually my house. I did not form a connection to our pets, and unconditional love from an animal is something I was never able to experience.

Then in 2003, I met Dawn Darga, an incredibly talented artist and graphic designer. Dawn is an animal enthusiast, and through the conversations we had, I started to change my perspective and develop my love for pets.

One Sunday afternoon, I drove to our office in downtown Marion. On my drive, I noticed a stray dog in the middle of Washington Street. The dog was surrounded by a crowd of people that could not seem to catch him. I pulled over and was able to pick the dog up and put him in the back of my car.

I never imagined the impact this stray dog would have on me and my attitude about animals as a whole. My new best friend, Washington, named after the street I found him on, changed my entire mindset on animals and the endless love and friendship you can develop with them.

Washington taught me unconditional love. Upon his passing, I adopted Mocha and Marley from the animal shelter. I would do anything for ‘my girls’; they are my family and the vision for RememberMePets LLC.

All shelter animals deserve to have a good life and lovingly impact the families that bring them home.

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