Gifts for Pet Lovers!

As pet lovers, we are faced with knowing that our beloved furry friends will not be with us forever. We recognize and value the importance of cherishing our pets’ memories. As graphic designers, we have created items for ourselves and family members that never let the spirit of our pets fade, sentimental pieces that last a lifetime.

RememberMePets offers an assortment of personalized print items available for purchase in our online gift shop, alongside our customizable marketing deliverables.

Check out our gift shop to find and request items that will forever honor your four-legged companion.

Pet Owner Education

Educating those who rescue or adopt from the animal shelter is a topic we are very passionate about. Adopting an animal should not focus entirely on the idea of what the animal can do for you, but rather what you can do for the animal. Forming a relationship with your pet is give and take; treating the pet as a priority and not as a convenience is crucial, especially when adopting.

We plan to offer monthly educational blog posts through our RememberMePets subscription to help our fellow and prospective pet parents learn how to best care for their adopted friends.

No parent is perfect (especially new pet parents). We will also share stories of our own experiences with our ‘kids’ (we have a few); in these experiences, we were able to learn and make the best decisions possible for the health and wellbeing of our pets.

Download below two free featured items on RememberMePets:

  • Lost Dog Form
  • Resource Packet for New Owners
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